Twin Lakes Alaska Map

Twin Lakes Alaska Map

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Below is the detailed Twin Lakes Alaska map and panorama from Low Pass. Twin Lakes Alaska was home of the infamous Richard “Dick” Proenneke and now one of the most visited sites in all of Alaska.  The country is breathtaking and visiting Dick’s place is nothing but inspiring.

The Upper Twin Lakes:Twin Lakes Alaska Map

Fed by cold, glacial water giving it a milky shade that is full of nutrition making the lake very mineral rich.  Fishing on the upper Twin Lake is moderate with the best fishing happening at the small streams entering the lake especially Hope creek and Emerson creek.  There is a wonderful falls we locally call Emmerson falls.  It is located roughly 1.5 miles upstream for the mouth of Emmerson creek.  It is a spectacular falls but with no trail it rarely gets visited.  The east end drainage is shallow and fishing can be frustrating.  Sockeye salmon travel the length of both lakes and spawn at the small glacial delta.  Beaver dams are numerous and there is actually an old deserted trapper cabin in the forest on south side of the stream.

Emmerson Creek:

Draining the wide pass connecting Turquoise lake, this creek is pure, cold and fast.  It empties into upper Twin and provides nourishment for hungry arctic grayling and lake trout.

Hope Creek:

Seen in Dick Proenneke’s infamous videos, it runs directly south of Dick’s cabin and is another great place to fish for grayling and lake trout.  The Lake Clark National Park official campground is close to Hope creek and its waters will sing you to sleep.  Fun Fact: In Dick Proenneke’s video he is shown gold panning presumably at Hope creek.  In truth there is no known gold found in Hope creek but the video was actually taken west of Twin Lakes in the Bonanza hills at a certified gold claim.  You can see the PBS video here

 Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.22.13 PMLow Pass:

Low Pass is located to the south and is just as it says, “a low pass” south out of Twin Lakes country.   It was used by Dick Proenneke to access all the land south to Lake Clark.  It has been used for thousands of years by migrating caribou as seen by their trails carved deep into the tundra.


The Lower Twin Lakes:

The lower twin lakes is fed by the small confluence river straight off the top of the upper Twin lake.  This is why there is a change in color from the upper lake to the lower. The lower Twin is crystal clear and dark blue.   One feature that sets the lower twin lake apart is the string of mountains to the south.  They appear to be made of sand veining different shades of tan from their base to the peak.  It is a stark contrast from the mountains to the north and the mountains lining the upper twin lake which are green with vegetation and tundra.   Their is a forest service cabin on the southwestern shore of lower twin.  It is available for staff only but is good to know about in case of emergency.  The lower twin empties into the Chilikadrotna river.

The Chilikadrotna River:

the Chilikadrotna river drains lower twin lakes and is an excellent adventure in itself.  It runs approximately 60 miles west and empties in the the Mulchatna river on its way to Bristol Bay.  The Chilikadrotna is a great, extremely remote river that has great fishing and whitewater.  Flowing out of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve it slows down in the tundra flats before winding through the rolling hills south of the Bonanza hills.  It is a river that will test your resolve as it changes course each year and braids new channels especially towards the end.  At times you may find yourself choosing between five waterways in hopes of not hitting a log jam and having to back travel upstream.  Over all the river is a blast and a great place to see wildlife. Twin Lakes Alaska is a wonderful, pristine haven full of adventure, beauty and solitude.  There is a good reason Dick Proenneke chose to put roots here.  Thankfully because of Lake Clark National Park it will remain wild for years to come.

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Below are a few pictures on and around Twin Lakes, Alaska.